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Tiramisu Cake

Tiramisu Cake

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bánh by anh's inspired 3-layer signature tiramisu with homemade spongecake, coffee/tea syrups, and mascarpone cream (with no raw eggs!)

  • Strawberry Tiramisu: homemade vanilla sponge cake with homemade strawberry jam, mascarpone cream, and topped with fresh strawberries. 
  • Matcha Tiramisu: homemade matcha sponge cake soaked in high-grade matcha tea, mascarpone cream, topped with matcha powder.
  • Vietnamese Coffee Tiramisu:  homemade vanilla sponge cake soaked in home-brewed Vietnamese coffee, mascarpone cream, topped with cocoa powder.

Available in 6" and 8". Cake top message not available. Cake board message in black only.

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