How to I pay?
Purchases made directly from the site can be paid using major payment networks (Visa/Mastercard/Discover) or cash (for treats only). You can select the option to pay during checkout.
(NOTE: Your order will automatically be canceled if this method (cash) is chosen with any Signature Cake selected. Please make separate orders if you would like to purchase treats and cakes.)

What kind of cake do you make?
All my cakes are cotton soft chiffon sponge base. I use fresh cream for frosting and buttercream for decoration. Certain design will use cream cheese whipped cream frosting. I do not make buttercream cakes or fondant cakes.

What cake size and flavors do you have?
I am only offering 6" and 8" round cake sizes at the moment. You can find my current cake flavor options here.

How do I store & enjoy my cake?
Please keep your cake refrigerated until serving. My cakes are made fresh with no preservatives and are best to serve and enjoy on the day of receiving. You can store the cake for up to one day in the refrigerator after it's received.

Can I modify the design, pickup time, flavor after I've paid?
You can make modifications to your order if it is at least a week before pick-up date. For more information on modification policy, please read my terms and conditions.

Do you accommodate to certain food allergies or dietary restrictions?
I do not work in an allergen-free kitchen. Please refrain from ordering if you have severe allergies to nuts, almonds, and peanuts diary, soy and milk, eggs, food coloring, wheat and all related by-products of items listed. If you have any dietary restrictions and would like more information on what ingredients are used, please email me at banhbyanh@gmail.com so I can further assist.

How do I store my cake, macarons, tiramisus, etc.?
All my products are made fresh to order and are ideal to enjoy upon receiving or within a couple of days. Keep products refrigerated at all time if not serving. Slice and wrap leftover cakes to ensure the layers won't dry out in the fridge. You can refrigerate macarons for up to 5 days in the fridge or freeze for up to 8 weeks. Simply thaw to room temperature (15-20 minutes from fridge or 30-40 minutes from freezer) before enjoying.