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Custom Cake

Custom Cake

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Didn't see a design you like? Customize your own minimalist cake!

Our cakes are composed of soft, fluffy chiffon sponge with creamy "not too sweet" milk cream. Choose your own flavor profile and design references. Please note that we use the uploaded photos as reference and inspiration only. The designs will have slight modification due to our personal styles and other factors. (We do not make buttercream or fondant cakes and we do not use real flowers or edible prints as decorations for our cakes)

  • 4" Cake starts at $15+ (Round) (serves 1-3) (NOTE: comes in clamshell bento box)
  • 6" Cake starts at $45+/$47+ (Round/Heart) (serves 8-10)
  • 8" Cake starts at $65+/$67+ (Round/Heart) (serves 10-12)

You will not get charged by submitting the form. Prices shown in each options are for your own references.

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